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You can work with us for the best wheels and tires possible. When you want custom wheels from the best brands, Custom Hot Whips LLC is the place to go. You'll find quality aftermarket rims and tires at affordable prices when you work with us.

We specialize in 20" rims and larger. We can also get rims of any sizes you require. Get the best tires and wheels by calling us today.

Custom Wheels From Top Brands

  • Asanti
  • Forgiato
  • Savini
  • Giavanni
  • Lexani
  • Axis
  • Eclipse
  • Custom tires
  • Aftermarket rims
  • Economy tires
You'll get the best wheel packages for any vehicles in your garage, so call now to get started!
multi piece rims

Total Wheel and Tire Solutions

  • Custom spacers
  • Wheel adapters
  • Specialty lugs and locks
  • TPMS sensors
  • Multi piece rims
  • Forged rims
  • Spinners
  • Floaters
  • Spokes
  • Wheel lighting
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We proudly serve Lancaster, PA and the surrounding area. We offer 100% guaranteed installations. Visit us now!
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